Monday, May 28, 2012

Work Clothes

Since I'm at the summit of my second real week at Nellie's Diner I thought it was about time to alter my work clothes until they fit me a little bit better.

The shirt is a small, but it absolutely swamps me.  To fix this I wet it down with hot water and then ran over to the apartment complex's laundromat and stuck it in the drier.  The reasoning behind this was basically that laundry is super expensive here at the Riviera and I didn't want to drop another buck twenty five.

The pants were a pretty lucky find at the local thrift store.*  They were only six bucks and fit me pretty well except for being too long.   This was a really easy fix with a sewing machine and a pair of scissors.

approximately no change.

The pants turned out perfectly if I do say so myself, but the shirts shrank a disappointingly small amount.  Maybe I'll just give up and sew it up, or maybe I'll give the drier another go.

*although apparently my friend didn't realize that they needed to be in the first shot.


  1. So, you're saying your shirt is a disappointingly high quality...

  2. Don't waste anymore money on the drier. Roll the sleeves up, this is a kinda cool look. Cut several inches off the bottom and hem it and it should look quite good. :-)

  3. Careful with grandma's fashion advice. She still lets grandpa weat dark socks with shorts! :-) :-)