Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fashion Post # 2

This month's exciting installment to my wardrobe consists of two items which are as awesome as they are different.

This first fun, flirty skirt originally hails from old navy but came to my closet from the local thrift store. It is featured here with one of my sister's shirts from threadless.  The bright playful color really compliments the grey of the skirt and makes for a playful ensemble.

This second piece is a spunky bright kid's hoodie that is just a little bit too short.   This feature accentuates the fact that I know how to tuck in an undershirt.

As a bonus here's what I look like in my new hobbit ears

You know, in case you were wondering.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Robot Earrings

This is a robot earring.  I have two of them

They are as awesome as they look.

My younger brother gave to me for Christmas this last year and I simply adore wearing them. They're cute, spunky, and mine compliments for me every time.

The only problem being that they are a little on the large side, and hurt my ears if I wear them for too long.  This has sparked the following internal debate;

        I could make these into a couple of cool necklaces,  and then I could wear them more often. But-  but robot earrings... 

As this battle continues to rage inside of me I've decided to go ahead and make a necklace.  One that will go with the earrings rather than translating them

I knew that I wanted the colors to be muted like the earrings, and for there to be some red in it.   This means that I bought some nice dark silver chain and a grayish wire.  The red came in the form of a bright flat-backed crystal. 

For the central focus of the necklace I was going to utilize a Norwegian coin my friend had given me.  But when I put it with the chain the color didn't quite mesh.  

Instead I made a quite wreathe out of the dark wire and stuck a couple of the jewels to it. 

 I had managed to forget the o-rings so I maid similar tiny wreathes to connect the clumps of chain.

For the curious the first two groups have three chains each, the third clump has two chains.  For me this adds a degree of visual interest to the piece.

The final touch was to hot glue the crystals to both sides of the smaller wire wreathes.

I'm extremely happy with the result, and I intend to add this necklace to my etsy page.  

First I will have to figure out how to make a version that isn't held together by glue and wire. I definitely don't want to hand out a sub-par product.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Writer's Block; A Book Review

My youngest brother got me  this little book for Christmas, so I thought I'd share my thoughts on it for your pure enjoyment.

This book is a nearly perfect cube* and contains a huge number of writing prompts meant to jump start your imagination when you get stuck on that novel of yours.

These prompts come in three forms; challenges, spark words, and writing topics.

Spark words are just words, usually accompanied by a picture. They are meant to get your imagination rolling as you consider all the possibilities or memories associated with the duo.

Challenges are your more typical writing prompts,  stuff  that ranges from "Write about your first artistic expression" to "Write about an incident that could be used against you if you ever ran for office".

The Writing Topics are my personal favorite.  They usually deal with advice and exercises from extremely published authors out in the real world.  They are always interesting, but I find they make a better tool for procrastination.

Overall I really like this book.  It's extremely helpful when I find that I need to just be creative for a second.

My one small complaint has to do with the way the book is bound.  See, because of it's blocky shape the pages have to be rather stiff, meaning that they clump together.  This isn't really a problem, except that if you just flip the book open randomly you land on certain pages more often than others.

Despite this nit-picky complaint I would still give the book five out of five stars.  If you have a writer in your life this would definitely make a great gift.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Don't Do This, Guys. Ever.

My friends and I were making a nice dinner together when I had to head home for a forgotten ingredient.

Jade decided to come with me for company.

On our way a tallish guy with bright orange-ish hair approached us to asked directions to a building on Campus.

He started off by telling us his name, and that he lived over in a certain apartment number.  Which is fine I guess, if he was feeling a strong desire to establish himself as having a reason to talk to us.

But then after a minimal amount of small talk he proceeded to ask me and Jade where we lived.

Jade just smiled and said that she lived in another apartment complex.  She had the easy out.

Then he turned to me and asked again, "where do you live?"

"oh- in the Riviera."

"What apartment number?"

"In this General area"

The hint wasn't subtle, so he went away.

We waited until he had turned the corner before we went down the steps to my door.

I thought that was the end of it.

Except that two days ago my roommate told me some guy had come by and gave her this message for me.  "challenge accepted,  I've found you"

And he came again today.

I don't think I have to actually tell anyone not to do this.  It's idiotic, creepy, and it wont make any girl want to go out with you.

I don't even have a punchline for this.  This weirdo just needs to get a clue.