Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bread, and the Symbolism Thereof

One thing that I admire about my wonderful grandmother is how she always has homemade bread in the house. 

Yes, the store bought stuff is a wonder that revolutionized the way we see bread, but there is nothing I love more than slicing myself off a piece of that good food and drizzling it with honey-butter

Even the thought makes my mouth water. 

I think that I would like to do to that too when I grow up.  The small adventurous part of myself thinks that anyways.

Except I'm already twenty, which most people consider adulthood soooo.... right now?

I started off with this recipe here at the amazing Year of Bread Blog.  I chose this one simply because it seemed easy and I had almost all of the ingredients.

I didn't actually know that bread flour was a thing, so I simply subbed that out for regular old all purpose.  I also didn't have any honey but sugar seemed to work anyways.

It was definitely an easy put together, and I enjoyed the final product, but I think that I'm going to try to mix it up the next time around. 

One thing that I need to work on is kneading the dough.   Even with YouTube tutorials I have no idea if I'm doing it right, or even when it was finished.

I hope that this is something that can be fixed with practice.  Or perhaps with that magical sound 'Bread Flour'.

Look! I made stuff!


  1. Good job yes it comes with practice soon you will know exactly how much flour to add what it should feel like and be off making loaves and loaves of great bread. I tried a new oatmeal bread recipe the other day it called for molasses and brown sugar. Turned out I didn't have enough molasses (Christian's molasses cookies). I substituted honey for half of the recipe and left out half the brown sugar it turned out great. You are doing great.