Sunday, May 20, 2012

How to Curl a Synthetic Wig

So,  hypothetically you have a wig that looks like this.

And you need it to look like this

Now, I doubt that my method was the best method.   Or even among the most effective. It was really easy to pull off and it didn't require a huge commitment  of resources on my part.*

Because the synthetic hairs are plastic you can't use traditional methods to curl them. If you do then the plastic would melt and you would no longer have a wig. 

What you would have is a lump of sadness.

First, start off by braiding the hair as tightly as possible. While I did this I noticed that there was sort of a pattern to the locks of the wig so I did my best to follow that guide as much as possible

Then, boil some water and placed the wig and mannikin head into the bathtub.

Once the water reached a rolling boil take the pot and pour it slowly over the wig, being careful to get the entire thing wet.

Let the wig mostly dry then undo the braids and comb out the hair.

Unfortunately we didn't take pictures, but at this point the wig isn't so much curly as it is crimped,  this is because the braids were so small and because we wanted the end product to have a sort of wild, unkempt look to it.

Now locate some curlers** and do them up in the hair, only this time remember to actually take pictures.

in curlers

mostly dry
combed out
The wig was more or less curled,  although it did require a few finishing touches by wonderful ladies who were in charge of makeup.


*I don't know,  it could be.  I didn't actually do the research myself.

*We just got some "Magnetic" ones from Walmart, which were made entirely of plastic 

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