Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tortillas From Scratch

There's just something about tortillas that screams store bought to me. They come in a bag of twelve and they look like this.

But the other day my dear friend Gladys showed me this recipe online and I just had to try it out for myself.

So how do they compare?

Right off the bat they taste fresher, and the consistency is pleasingly chewy.

I like them a lot, and I think that the flavor is really good.  They don't fade into the background when you add other ingredients into the mix.  I've only made a quesadilla out of one of them so far but the homemade tortilla added to the meal rather than merely being the vehicle for it.

It's also a bonus that the ingredients are things that I have on hand.

The only slight drawback for me was that these are inherently thicker than the brand I usually frequent. But all things considered that didn't necessarily take away from this recipe.

Overall I would make them again.


  1. So what is the recipe so we can try it too?

  2. Sorry I didn't see the link thank you for putting it in.