Friday, May 4, 2012

Being Silly and Dressing Up

My friends and I decided to go to the midnight showing of The Avengers together, and man, I loved it.

It was a superb action flick,  with plenty of great fight sequences, witty one liners, and cool heroes that we all had an interest in.  More amazingly, it was really funny and there was character development on part of several of the heroes.

I highly recommend seeing it in theaters if you can

Since we were  going as a large group we decided to up the ante a little bit and dress the part.

We're all poor college students so we focused on a few key elements to bring across our characters with out having to spend too much.

Josh on the left simply cashed in for the little kid's helmet and hammer* from the Avenger's toy series at Walmart.  We pinned a red towel to his shoulders to really pull the look together.

I simply borrowed a bow from Taylor's younger siblings and wore all black to pull off the movie version of night hawk. I actually wore makeup and high-heeled leather boots too, you can't see any of that, so I thought I should inform you that I put that much effort into being a girl.

Gladys also had an easy costume in Black Widow, as all she had to do was curl her hair, wear all black, and borrow some toy gun holster's from a contest commercial Josh and his roommate's shot a while ago.

Ryan** bought a helmet from the surplus army supply store up in Orem and Gladys constructed the shield from scavenged cardboard and a dollar-store hula-hoop.  The mask came from a Renaissance fair Taylor attending back in Middle School.

I'll have to load a better picture as soon as possible, but Taylor actually has a severely awesome home-made arc reactor underneath his shirt.  He also happens to have mascara on his face.

Mariah pulls of a nice Pepper pots in unseen stylish heels and an unworn red jacket. 

As a bonus here's Gladys posing with a set of severely creepy Godzilla sized chipmunks in the Birthday room of the theater. 

Look at their eyes.


it looked focused on my phone, promise.

* It was way too fun to hit things with a giant foam hammer, you should try it.

** Glady's boyfriend, he's cool.


  1. Hey now I wouldn't call my costume easy. I spent an hour on my hair and makeup thank you very much :).

    1. This just goes to show how much I misunderstand the medium.