Sunday, May 13, 2012

Why I Stayed

In the long and arduous search for a place to live this summer I looked around my current apartment and thought- "meh- this is good enough"

 None of that silly packing stuff.

None of that silly unpacking stuff either.

However, I did reorganize my own things into more advantageous positions around the apartment.

My dishes?

Bam!  In the cupboard I can actually reach without climbing onto the counter!

My silverware?

You can't tell, but I even reorganized it in a way that makes sense

IN the drawer directly underneath that cupboard

But wait that's not all!  I also took advantage of the hall closet I didn't even realize was there the last time I moved in.

The thing I'm  most excited about here is the fact that I got to put my art up on the walls.   It suits me in a way that the stuff my old roommates had up didn't.

The Foam one is missing because it simply didn't mesh with the others on the wall. But I'll find someplace for it soon enough.

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