Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cool Things

My awesome friends over at Tribal Lunar Speak have gone and made another excellent video.  This one is more in line with the type of humor that they'll be showcasing for the rest of the summer.

It's definitely weird, but certainly still hilarious.

And I'm actually in this one!

I was in the last one too, but keen eyes could actually recognize me in this latest installment.

My acting skills may not be amazing*, and my sleeve may accidentally be pushed up,  but I'm the only short cutesy girl my friends know.

And that's how I get jobs done.

(click the link for the bigger version)

*I was going for subtle, Okay?


  1. bahaha the look of skepticism

  2. Hey, I thought you were cute and your look of disgust was pure acting. Great job. Way to go, Myka!! I wondered what in the world TLS stood for.