Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Excellent Adventure: Part 2

This is the continued report of my unexpectedly awesome Friday evening.  If you haven't read the first part yet click here. Or not, I don't actually think you'll be confused.

After Taylor and the chick I haven't mentioned by name went home Josh and I decided that we wanted to watch an episode of Psych.  Gladys wanted to call it a night so we headed over to Josh's place instead.

Just as the credits were rolling his roommates strolled into the main room wearing sweatsuits and Josh's motorcycle helmets. One of them was carrying an iridescent green Frisbee.

They were playing Tron.

And if they were playing Tron they were going to play Tron right.

At first playing Tron right meant using masking tape to create the appropriate lines on their clothes.

The third roommate happened to be out on a date so quite suddenly playing right meant tracking them down, playing Tron while daft punk roared, and running away.

I wasn't sleepy anymore.

We all piled into Nate's truck and drove to the park.  Only getting there in time to spot David's headlights pulling out of the parking lot on the other side of the park.  We sped away in order to follow them and ran into every single red light on the way home.

Every single red light.

We took a short cut and only just pulled into the parking lot right behind David's car.

Nate flipped to Daft Punk on his ipod and I turned the stereo up on Josh's signal.

We both parked and Nate and Adam rushed out of the truck to throw Frisbees at each other and barrel roll over the hood of David's car.  I giggled like a maniac the entire time and Josh filmed.  The couple watched them in dumbfounded amusement and the volleyball game to our left paused.

The song ended and Nate turned off his truck,  we all walked away without a word.

It was absolutely awesome, and I'm going to buy myself a motorcycle helmet next time I see one at D.I. so that I can play too.

Here's Adam and Nate,  but I don't think that the awesomeness quite conveys properly through the image.

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