Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Let's Do This Again

There was a monumental sale at both Jo-ann's and Micheal's this past weekend so I was able to grab a barrel full of supplies on the cheap.

I've had a ton of ideas for some more melted crayon pieces since last month so on Saturday I borrowed my friend's blow-drier and went to work.

This piece has a grid on the lower portion of the canvas,  and color originating from the upper half.  There's a charcoal barrier between the two but as you can see chaos knows no bounds and has invaded the more orderly area.

This was just a nifty idea I wanted to try out  and I really like the result. I'm just in love with the texture that this medium allows without having to be overly bulky.

This next one was inspired by this lovely piece I found on Etsy.  I really love the interest the spherical forms adds to the standard of the medium and how they almost appear to meld with the color while being a completely separate texture.

I thought it might be fun to mix it up a little bit more.

As you can see I kept the blow drier hot enough that very little texture comes across except for the spherical forms. I also wanted them to be the main color of the piece so they would function as the only point of interest.

I'm itching to try this one again, just to see what variables affect how the Styrofoam takes up color.   I've also decided that using a middle piece of those Styrofoam balls probably isn't as clever as I thought, since that circle is the sloppiest looking of the three.

I've decided to start up my own etsy store featuring my art as well as some of my crocheted crafts.  So if you're interested in having any of the melted crayon pieces I've blabbered about go snap them up before somebody else does!

Oh- and,  if anyone you know is thinking about decorating their home do me a favor and tell them I'm the biggest thing since sliced bread. 


  1. Wow, pretty slick stuff! I didn't know you were an artist! You have a fantastic sense of design

  2. I actually like the last one with the styrofoam balls. How much is it? The center part of the styrofoam reminds me of an English muffin. I agree don't use it again. JMHO (I think that stands for "just my humble opinion."
    Is the hair dryer all you use to melt the crayons?