Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Good News Everyone!

First, I'll share a little story with you,  because otherwise this would just be a glorified facebook post with ads.

My first job interview was something of a disaster.  I had been going to BYU for about a year, and I had been trying to find jobs off and on for that entire time* so it was something of a relief when I finally got a call back.

It was only for the food court up on campus but but my palms started sweating the second I hung up the phone.  What I do in these new, intimidating  moments in my life is run through the scenario as many times as possible in my head.

It's almost as good as practice.

I would go in, smile a lot, talk about how much I wanted to work at the cougar eat, and be careful to talk myself up as well.

I could do things.

I could do lots of things!

Except that when I got there it was a group interview,  which is something that apparently exists.  All the countless simulations did me no good.  I was out on the shores of Normandy, and I had no pants on.

Every one else there had more experience than I did too.

I panicked and the clever part of my brain abandoned ship and didn't come back until several days later.

It was all one painful blurry process but this little gem still stands out in my mind.

       Interviewer; What do you think you would contribute to our workplace?

       Yours Truly; well, I'm very um, undramatic- I mean mellow, so 
I uh, wouldn't adhere to any... drama well. so I would be easy to
work with?

It wasn't funny at the time,  believe me.

The good news is that my second interview went much better.

In fact I just got a call today,  I got the job.  I'm going to work at this amazing little diner near the Provo library.

I can't help but smile every time I think of it.

*mostly off


  1. Just think. If you never has that previous interview, then this second one would have turned out terrible.

  2. AWESOME! Be sure your pants are on and smile and you will do great. Love ya!

  3. Great, I know that you will do excellent!!

  4. I am so happy for you.