Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cranes 5-6

These cranes were something of a test run for a larger project that I have down the road.

For the record; I can in fact make a crane from a one inch square piece of paper. I probably shouldn't do them all while I walk home from the library though.

This crane is sitting on top of a stone pillar across from the tanner building up on campus. It's passed by a ton of students every day so I left a note with my url underneath the crane.

Of course, as soon as I walked away the wind started up so I'm sure it was gone a few minutes later.

This second crane was left on the trashcan at a publishers conference. I had made it during a break and couldn't bear to just throw it away because at the time I was certain that it was the most perfect origami crane in the world.

The conference was quite a lot of fun overall.  The man behind the event, whom Gladys and I met last month, actually remembered me.

Although I'm not sure if he just has a good mind for faces or if I'm just short.

Probably both.

I've launched a new blog just for this art project if you want to check it out (click the link) although I still plan on subjected you to my favorite pieces every month or so.

Stay tuned for my crazy convoluted origami project!

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