Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Mobile

I've been hankering to make something cute and girly for a while now.  I see granny-esque cross-stitch patterns and tutorials on how to make lace and suddenly my sense of decorating style suddenly goes out the window.

I ran across a tutorial online on how to do this cutesy baby mobile from one of my favorite blogs.

I have a friend who is having a baby.

Coincidence?  I think yes!

Instead of just copying the lovely Jen I decided to flex my girly muscles and try something of my own design.*

So this is what I came up with.

It was actually remarkably easy to make** and only took Josh and I an hour or so to knock out.

As far a supplies go I picked up one of those foam wreath things, a bunch of flowers, a lock of those white bobbly things in the pic,  a white ribbon, some red/pink beads, birds from the wedding section, stretchy cord, and some crimp beads.

I went with a wide white satin ribbon and pink flowers because those things are elegant?


We cut the flowers and the bobbles into short chunks and started gluing them around the foam ring.

Figuring out how to  secure the birds with the stretchy cord was a bit a conundrum until I remembered that I know how to do a total of two knots. One of those is a lark's head, which is how you secure the kite strings to the kite itself,  it also happens to look like a miniature harness.

Even with this stroke of genius the birds hung lopsided, but that was easy to fix with a small dab of hot glue on the middle of their backs.

We used also used  crimp beads just to be safe, and then cut the excess string off with my singular pair of crappy scissors.

After that we decided how far we wanted the bird to hang down from the mobile and strung beads along the length.  We didn't bother using hot glue or crimp beads here, because the weight of the birds provided enough friction to keep them in place.

We tied (crimp beads again) the birds the the foam ring and then I held the mobile while Josh wrapped the satin ribbon carefully around our flowery creation.

After that it was only a matter of tying on something to hang to mobile by and voila!

Il est fini!

This will also available at my etsy store here,  I'll post it there as soon as I get better pics. Although the original has obviously already gone to my friend.  At that point I'll also update the pictures here  so you that you can actually get an idea of the thing.

*This decision only had very little to do with the fact that my Jo-Ann's didn't have any of the necessary supplies.

**It was honestly harder to photograph this thing, and I never did get a really good, non-blurry picture. ***

*** which I'm sure comes as an absolute shock to you.  

Have a terrible picture of my friend, :-)

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  1. Awesome! Sure miss you Myka, thanks for to blog entries, I love them.