Friday, March 30, 2012

What about Gladyce?

One of the friends that I mention frequently here on my blog would like to be known as Gladyce*. Of course, she's one of the four people I've already named so to smooth you into the transition I thought you might like to hear a story about her.

Okay, Okay, I mostly want to make fun of the name she chose. Gladice? really?  That sounds like an old lady's wet fart**.

Last year Gladyss, Josh, and I climbed into my little car for a impromptu camping trip down to Arches National Park. There happened to be one more person in the car than there were seat belt. Since I was smallest of our group I was automatically elected to sit on Gladios lap for the drive.

I think my butt was completely numb after about two hours.

When we got to Moab we stopped to ask for directions to a good camping spot.  The awesome local directed us towards a long, winding road.

It was late so the only light came from our car, it reflected off the canyon to our left and made the trees look ghostly.  we could only see as far as the next bend.

"I feel like any moment there's going to be a man with a chainsaw in the middle of the road" I murmured.

"Don't say that!" Glaydys's voice was just a little bit higher pitched than normal.

I glanced towards Josh in the darkness, confidant that we both understood.

"In Virginia near my house there's this bridge" He began  "it's called Bunny-man  Bridge because about ten years ago on Halloween-"

I'm pretty sure that we told her every serial killer story we knew, and then every other scary story we knew.

Glaidiss was not impressed.

She had also heard most of those before SO WOULD WE PLEASE JUST CUT IT OUT?

Of course she was so freaked that night that she ended up sleeping next to the biggest man in our group, and he had a crush on her at the time.

So Win?

*she told me to spell it some stupid way. I don't remember so I'm just going to make stuff up.

**Just kidding!  You know I love you Hallie.

 Edit: Gladys tells me that it's a nickname that she got in school because there were three other girls with the same first name and they were all tired of getting confused with each other. Which is actually pretty darn cool if you think about it. 

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