Monday, March 5, 2012

Being the Awkward Third Wheel

I was undeniably looking forward to the ward 'date night' scavenger hunt this Friday. As I've mentioned before I don't get a lot of dates so this little activity seemed perfect for me.

See the idea was that every girl would bring an extra shoe, then all the guys would pick out a shoe. Everybody gets a date, easy peezy right?

You would think so wouldn't you?

As could be expected there were a lot more girls than guys.  This in itself is not too terrible a fate, it just ends up being more of a group activity than anything else, and everybody still has fun.

In fact if the guy is particularly witty or attractive the girls can hold an Agni Kai over his phone number later that evening.

 it was just that ended up with a recently engaged couple.

Soooo...  not even a little bit of flirting for me.

They weren't awkward about it or anything, I just haven't so blatantly been the third wheel in a long time.  But let me tell you,  it's like riding a bicycle.

Do you think I was doomed from the start?

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  1. Oh Myka I'm sorry, I love this post an Agni Kai, what a crack up you are. I also loved your final comment about it being like riding a bicycle.