Monday, March 26, 2012

A Colorful Time

Last Saturday was the festival of colors. This (according to Wikipedia) is a celebration of when Vishnu saved Prahlada from being burned to death by his father.

This happens to be a huge deal here in Mormon land because who loves a wacky party more than a bunch of Young adults?*

A couple friends and I actually had plans to go this year, but somewhere along the way we realized that we wouldn't be making it in time for our chosen throw.  So we stopped off in order to goof around instead.

I visited my first pawnshop  and we explored a huge antique store that seemed to cater mainly towards little old ladies

Down the street from these shops of wonder and fantasy was this charming little store called "Dirty Jo'  Punsters". It was of the uh *ahem* adult variety so of course we had to take crappy camera phone pictures under the sign.

As we were approaching there happened to be three people who passed us going the opposite way. 
One was an older man with some sort of foot brace, the other two were a mother and her young son.

We took our pictures and giggled about how a lingerie store that wants to survive in Utah probably shouldn't creep all the young ladies out.

An old  man in a foot brace walked into the store.

I  looked around to see if possibly this was just elderly gentleman with an injured leg.


He had waited until the young mother was far enough away before doubling back to enter the shop'o'fun

Guys I nearly died laughing.

We never did get around to going to the throw, but man, did we have a fun time anyways

*nobody, I can't believe you even had to check.

Steph and Spencer

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