Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Crochet Cuff -instructions-

My camera is still not fixed, I am sadder than is allowed.
Allrighty, so I think I finally go the garbledy- gook inside my head sorted out into some order for your enjoyment.

For this project you'll need two different colors of yarn (I just used left over redheat' and 'hoops and threads' that I had laying around) one 5.0 mm crochet hook, one 5.0 mm afghan hook,  a tapestry needle, and a button.

Granny square;

Row one; starting with color A and the normal crochet hook use the magic circle method to crochet 12 hdc in the round, in the last loop of the last stitch switch over to color B, slip stich into the first hdc.

Row two; ch 3 (counts as 1 hdc and 1 ch), *Hdc in the next st and ch 1* repeat to end and sl st into the second chain of the three chain space.  Tie off color B.

Row Three; with color A cast on into one of the ch 1 spaces, chain 2 and hdc in the same space (counts as a pair of 2 hdc). **2 hdc in each ch 1 space* ch 1 after every three hdc pairs* repeat to end.  sl st into the ch 2. tie off color A

Straps; (repeat on both sides)

Row one;  cast on into one of the chain 1 spaces of the granny square insert hook into the next st, yo, pull up loop; *insert hook in next ch, yo, pull up loop* across to end  leaving all loops on the hook, you should also pull up a loop from the next ch- 1 space of the granny square so that you have a total of eight loops on the hook.

yo, pull through 1st loop on hook; *yo, pull through 2 loops on hook* across until one loop remains on the hook.

Row two-six (or until long enough); repeat row 1, pulling up loops from the vertical bar of the previous row. tie off color A

Here's a good tutorial for what I'm talking about.

Edging and Buttonhole;

Starting at the right edge of the side you want the buttonhole cast on with Color A and sc around the entire cuff.  When you reach the corner you started on do 2 sc, ch 4 and skipping 4 stitches below,  2 sc.  turn and sc across the short edge once more.

Tie off and weave in loose ends. 

sew a bottom to the opposite side of the cuff.

As always try to show me up! I'm sure a bunch of you could come up with something a lot cooler than what I have here.

Oh and in case you missed it here's my original post on the matter.

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