Thursday, March 29, 2012

Murder and Lace

On Tuesday of this week I sat down some of my friends and made them watch a favorite movie of mine. 

This is a Halloween comedy about a famous critic. It starts out with him trying to cover up a series of murders committed by his aunts.  I'm not sure why he doesn't just go to the police, maybe just because he sucks as a person and cares more about his reputation than justice.

His Pyscho brother shows up with a body of his own. So suddenly poor Cary is just trying to keep his aunts out of jail, put his brother behind bars, and put the other brother into a psychiatric ward.

He has to blame somebody for the twelve bodies in the basement after all. 

I absolutely love watching this movie with the uninitiated. The twists have become familiar to me, but my friend's faces are always priceless. 

So do yourself a favor and watch this, right now.


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