Friday, March 30, 2012

Cranes 2-4

As soon as I posted about my art project last week a witch was flipped and every idea inside my head was stupid.

Then today I was walking my dear friend out of my apartment when I happened to look up.  The concrete on the bottom of the stairs had cracked and mostly fallen away.  It was bright out so you could see the texture clearly.

It was beautiful, in its own way.

So this is what I did with it.

Those are Starburst wrappers so I suppose I should say that I have in no way been endorsed by the candy company. I just happen to like the color scheme.*

I love how these cranes are tucked away, yet out in the open at the same time.  I find that not many people look up when they're traversing the stairs so maybe my cranes will never be noticed.

But maybe they will.

here's Josh, looking stupid for your enjoyment

*I'm totally open to it,Wrigley's advertisement dudes...**


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