Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Sound of Music

Since the majority of my views are still generated via the constant spamming of facebook most of you reading this know me personally, or at least have known me personally at some point in our lives.  So, the odds are good that you already know that I have a deep and abiding love for hiking.

I love the outdoors, I love the trees (Washington), I love the gorgeous red-rock (Utah), and I love the quiet moments when you come across something precious and for that instant that beauty belongs to me.

Well, if you haven't heard of it before, letterboxing is like hiking, except better.  None of this willy-nilly appreciation of nature and exercise crap. What you're doing there is adventuring.

Unfortunately since my car gave up the ghost (at the tender age of twenty no less) I have not been able to hike, or letterbox very much.

So this weekend I thought I'd whip a little something up, particularly since midterms and the first draft of my senior thesis was dulling my mind down to a little nub.

I've actually been thinking about doing a box for a while, so I've been keeping tabs on nice possible niches to hide my container of awesome. There are several promising spots around campus, but from my experience all the boxes that are byu specific seemed to get snapped up fairly quickly by the cleaning crew.

The rude snarky teenager in me would like to hide a small vessel in the obvious hiding spot on this statue.  Unfortunately I've never been up on campus late enough that I could check out that... situation with out seeming suspicious.

So I've jumped ship to another promising plan, hoping that maybe maintenance doesn't clean this particular venue very often.  Unfortunately since it is in a part of campus that most outsiders don't have access to you will have to be a student, or know a student to get at this thing.

Here are the hints.

1.Go to the spot on campus where the movies are kept.

2.Go to the back of the room  where there is a door that is always kept closed.

3. Gain entry to this room.  You can either ask the TA in the room next door politely or reserve it online

4. look up.

Happy Hunting!

And since this is my first box ever please feel free to leave me with constructive criticism in the comments.

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