Monday, February 13, 2012

How to Save a Desk

To make a long story short; my apartment did not come with a desk, and I have wanted one since I have discovered this terrible tragedy.

See, although the administration counts this workbench thing as a collective desk for all four girls it doesn't really fill the void a desk is suppose to inhabit in my life.
I though the poor lighting added to the picture overall

It doesn't  have much space for long term storage.

It's in the middle of everything so it isn't a nice quite place to work,

And- well- the chairs (harvested from the table) are too short of the 'desk' so every time I sit down I feel like I should be finger painting instead of trying to figure out statistical analysis on debitage.

To fill this void in my life I've been trolling around on various sites and perusing  the local thrift store for the past few weeks. I finally decided that I just had to bite the bullet and buy a new desk and bookshelf from Walmart where it was cheaper and better quality than everything that I've seen on Craigslist.

But at the very last moment! Manna from Heaven!

Or in this case somebody posted a desk on freecycle for my area.

I was able to get one of my friends who owned a truck to take me up to Orem to pick this little beauty up, because this friend happened to a big strong man who had roommates that were also large men I didn't even have to do anything once we got there.

While everybody else was doing the heavy lifting I subtly glanced towards the bookshelf and read the certificates framed on the wall.  The home I invaded belongs to a lovely gun safety instructor and her husband.  The tiny side office was being used for some kind of home business and they had tropical looking plants hanging out on two of the three desks

I decided not to edit the mess out, so you might truly know me.

I fell like these people were awesome, and I'm absolutely certain that my wonderful gift had nothing to do with that judgement.

Of  course when I got home it was to room origami and the place is still a complete mess from gradually putting off the clean up everyday until -tomorrow.

The desk itself came with a side wing that was detachable from the main unit. I was planning on just throwing the thing away since it wouldn't fit but then I discovered that it was mostly held together with easy to remove screws.

The only tricky bit was one screw that just would not come out and the fact that the back piece was actually stapled on instead of screwed in.  Since I'm cute and little I got my dear friend to take care of those steps for me.

both drawers still work fine........splee!
Now I have a sturdy desk with drawers, a new beside table, and several large pieces of wood underneath my bed ready to be reassembled at any moment.

now to acquire myself a bookcase

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  1. Holey moley that is a messy room. You should get a desk or something. ;-)