Saturday, February 16, 2013

Red Shirt Woes

I've had this one red shirt hanging out in the back of my closet for as long as I can remember.  The body is inexplicably wide while still managing to have sleeves that are just a little bit too short on me.

I wore it quite a bit when I was younger, but a couple years ago I  put it away with the intent of adjusting it so it would fit me nicely.

you know... later.



That day has finally come.

I used this tutorial online by Carly of Chic Steals which was very clear and made the project seem approachable.

However,  I didn't give myself enough ease of fit so now the shirt is way too tight.

Of course,  I had edited this particular shirt just in time to go to a job interview so I ended up wearing it anyways.

While sitting through the interview I had to pull at the bottom of my shirt to keep the buttons from schrunching together and providing helpful windows into my abdomen.  This is particularly funny when you consider the fact that the listing specifically stated that tight clothes would be inappropriate for this job.

We also spent some time in the interview discussing the same fact.

Still, I'm anxious to try this method out again since I think I just need more practice.*

The rest of the interview went well, and I think I'm a good candidate for the job.  It would really be a blessing to me because the hours are more consistant (and there are more of them) than the job I have now. It's also less heavy lifting for the same amount of pay.

It's also happens to be at a bookstore**, and two minutes away from my house.  Both of  these facts rocket this listing into my hopes and dreams for my near future.

*once I get another button-up shirt
** I'm nearly done with my bachelor's degree and one of my ideal jobs is still working at a bookstore,

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