Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Housing Gap

Here at BYU we have this lovely little thing called "the housing gap", where your summer housing contract ends about a week before you are allowed to move into your fall home.  It becomes up to the students to decide where and how to live.

For most it's relatively easy to bunk down with a friend or relative for a few days, for others it simply makes more sense to live out of your car.

Anything goes really.

My friends at tribal lunar speak decided to spend the time living in a cardboard fort.

Here it is in all of its glory
They spent several days procuring the cardboard and building the individual pieces. Each section is  three and a half wide, three feet tall, and with a twelve foot exterior length.

Each Piece also folds up into a nice square for  easy storage and transportation*.

It was awesome.
All photos have been stolen from Facebook

The fort had eight connected tunnels with an inner courtyard for playing card games, eating, and the like.

Personally I only spent a couple nights with them since I actually a bed to sleep in,  but those nights were great fun.

So keep this in mind your next homeless period, and may the idea become even more excellent in your hands.

*easier storage and transportation anyways

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