Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Color me Pink

For a while now all my baked goods have been white.

White sugars, white cupcakes,  white cakes.


You see,  my boyfriend and his family are allergic to artificial food dyes.  Red # 40 in particular makes his depression much worse.

So--- White cakes.

After a while I realized how bland this was and decided to make these.

As you probably realized I'm not trying to kill Josh,  the color in these cookies comes from beets rather than chemicals.

You can either boil or bake these roots to extract the color.  I personally went for baking them because that involved actually putting the vegetable into the the frosting and  I wanted to see if you could taste the beets.

Grating the beets
You couldn't.

Which, if you think about, it is actually a step up from most red food dyes.

I'm really excited to try the other colors in the spectrum,  and I'm going to throw out my food coloring.

Who needs it anyways?

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  1. Good idea. You also color frosting with berries and and it would taste yummy.