Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Writer's Block; A Book Review

My youngest brother got me  this little book for Christmas, so I thought I'd share my thoughts on it for your pure enjoyment.

This book is a nearly perfect cube* and contains a huge number of writing prompts meant to jump start your imagination when you get stuck on that novel of yours.

These prompts come in three forms; challenges, spark words, and writing topics.

Spark words are just words, usually accompanied by a picture. They are meant to get your imagination rolling as you consider all the possibilities or memories associated with the duo.

Challenges are your more typical writing prompts,  stuff  that ranges from "Write about your first artistic expression" to "Write about an incident that could be used against you if you ever ran for office".

The Writing Topics are my personal favorite.  They usually deal with advice and exercises from extremely published authors out in the real world.  They are always interesting, but I find they make a better tool for procrastination.

Overall I really like this book.  It's extremely helpful when I find that I need to just be creative for a second.

My one small complaint has to do with the way the book is bound.  See, because of it's blocky shape the pages have to be rather stiff, meaning that they clump together.  This isn't really a problem, except that if you just flip the book open randomly you land on certain pages more often than others.

Despite this nit-picky complaint I would still give the book five out of five stars.  If you have a writer in your life this would definitely make a great gift.

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