Friday, June 8, 2012

Robot Earrings

This is a robot earring.  I have two of them

They are as awesome as they look.

My younger brother gave to me for Christmas this last year and I simply adore wearing them. They're cute, spunky, and mine compliments for me every time.

The only problem being that they are a little on the large side, and hurt my ears if I wear them for too long.  This has sparked the following internal debate;

        I could make these into a couple of cool necklaces,  and then I could wear them more often. But-  but robot earrings... 

As this battle continues to rage inside of me I've decided to go ahead and make a necklace.  One that will go with the earrings rather than translating them

I knew that I wanted the colors to be muted like the earrings, and for there to be some red in it.   This means that I bought some nice dark silver chain and a grayish wire.  The red came in the form of a bright flat-backed crystal. 

For the central focus of the necklace I was going to utilize a Norwegian coin my friend had given me.  But when I put it with the chain the color didn't quite mesh.  

Instead I made a quite wreathe out of the dark wire and stuck a couple of the jewels to it. 

 I had managed to forget the o-rings so I maid similar tiny wreathes to connect the clumps of chain.

For the curious the first two groups have three chains each, the third clump has two chains.  For me this adds a degree of visual interest to the piece.

The final touch was to hot glue the crystals to both sides of the smaller wire wreathes.

I'm extremely happy with the result, and I intend to add this necklace to my etsy page.  

First I will have to figure out how to make a version that isn't held together by glue and wire. I definitely don't want to hand out a sub-par product.


  1. very cute....both necklace and earrings.

  2. I'm glad you liked them Samuel had already bought you a gift but knew they were meant for you and bought them as well. I wish I had a good type on making them lighter.