Saturday, August 1, 2015

Tulle Skirt Pattern Giveaway

For the first post-launch addition to my Etsy store I decided to pull out something fun and classy.

This lovely tulle skirt

This is a fun and slightly dressy style that goes well with either a simple t-shirt, or a tank.  It's casual enough for a day out, and dressy enough for a date.

The skirt also super fun to wear.  I feel pretty, and just a little bit flirty, when I wear my candy apple red version.

This pattern has a few more components than the other patterns in my store, and it's just a touch harder to sew.  Even so, I think that this skirt is firmly in the grasp of the average beginner.

Since I'm launching a new pattern, you lovely people get a new giveaway.  Click here to go to my Facebook page and check it out.  The skirt will go live on my Etsy store at the end of the giveaway in a couple of days.

Consider liking my Facebook page as well, since there will be a lot more giveaways in the future.

What do you think of the skirt? What pattern would you like to see next?

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