Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Free Pattern: Mason Jar Cozy

I drink my smoothies out of mason jars these days.  I like doing it for several reasons, but those reasons are all pretty boring.

Instead of talking about plastic I'll get to the problem I've found with using mason jars for smoothie cups:  my hands get cold.

To fix this little problem I decided to make these little insulated mason jar cozies for the two of us.  I also wanted to share the pattern with you lovely people.

I used some scraps of cotton and quilt batting, and they get the job done beautifully.  My drink stays cold, and my hand stays warm.  I think it would work for hot chocolate or tea as well, but that's a different time of year entirely.

Click Here to get the Pattern

The pattern is meant to be printed out on your home computer.  There are some pattern pieces that wont fit on a single page, so there will be a little bit of assembly.

Over lap the pages by one centimeter in each direction and tape them in place. The two main brands of jars have two different sizes, so there are two sizes for each pattern piece, just cut out the correct one and leave the other.

It'll look like this
You'll need two of the bottom and side pieces in your cotton.  One of each in the batting, and one trim.

I used a contrasting color for the trim, and quite like how it looks.

Assembly Instructions

1. Sew the batting to the wrong side of one of your side and bottom pieces (this will be the inside of the cozy,)

2. Trim the excess batting away

3. Sew the short end of the two side pieces together, right sides facing

4.  Sew the bottom pieces of the cozy to the respective side pieces.

5. Nest the inside and the outside of the cozy together, wrong sides facing.

6. Take the trim and press both of the long sides under by one centimeter

7. Fold the trim in half lengthwise and press in place.

8. Sew the short ends of the trim together

9. Sew one side of the trim to the inside of the cozy, matching the edge of the cozy with the center line of the trim.

10. Fold the trim over and sew the other edge of the trim to the outside of the cozy, sandwiching the top of the cozy in the trim. (steps nine and ten can be done in one step, but it is easier this way)

11.  Enjoy your cute new cozy!

Let me know if you end up using the pattern. Or if you have any questions.

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