Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How to Make a Simple Netted Trellis

I'm growing several vining varieties of plants on my balcony garden, and I needed a couple different trellises to support them all.  The Scarlet Runner Beans are just going to get a tomato cage or two, but we made this for the peas and the cucumbers.

It was really simple, so I thought that I would show you how we put it together.

First off, the side supports are built into the box, they are mainly responsible for the structural integrity of this trellis..

We strung a long piece of yarn across the top to act as the primary support.

Then we tied and even number of long strands across the first string at about 11/2 inch intervals.  These strands were about 1/3 longer than the we wanted the finished product to be, but I think longer would have been better.

Then we took the long strands and tied them together in pairs about 11/2 half inches down from the top. We used square knots.

Then, skipping the first, we tied the long strands together again another 11/2 inches down.

The rest was simple repetition.

After we got the net as long as we wanted it, Josh secured it to the sides and bottom with more yarn and nails.

I really like how this looks, and it seems strong, so I think it will be a good fit for my garden.

At the end of the season, I will update here about how it worked out.

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