Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hi All!

My name (for all intents and purposes) is Myka, and I am a poor college student here at BYU.  My interests include writing, reading, drawing, photography, sewing, cooking, baking (those two are absolutely separate things) hiking, letter-boxing,  and other totally awesome activities that don't make me a flat character with no personal development.

I started this blog with the interest of improving my writing and just testing this whole 'internet' thing out. So far I have to say that my procrastination and laziness finds this spot very comfortable and would like to stay for a while, possibly until I no longer have a mountain of homework looming over me. I will mostly be writing about random crap starting with the photo in the background.
 I took this photo. With my camera.  And edited it myself on my computer and put it on my blog.

Yes, I am proud of myself.

Now more to the point, I almost used this photo here;

Now this is not me.  This is my dear friend Hallie G

She was my roommate during Spring quarter and one evening when she was feeling depressed because the man of her dreams wasn't actually interested in her she and I went a long walk and took my camera with us.

I took this shot,  I like the saturation of the colors,  I liked the lines,  and I like the emotion that is put forth by the piece.

 Except Hallie G isn't the kind of person to let a photo of herself be on someone else's computer.   And she especially didn't like the idea of me using this for the talent show my little church group  was putting on a few months ago.

I can understand this, she's a shy girl,  and if you squint it looks like she has a fat arm.

But here's the thing,  a few weeks ago my group of friends and I went to Moab down in southern Utah (more on that later)  when she snapped this picture of me and my then boyfriend, Josh.

and she put it on Facebook.

She tagged me in it.

What the hell?

My best guess is that she doesn't understand the concept of a redo.  Or at the very least has no idea of what a filter is.

I asked her to take it down,  she refused on the basis that I don't have enough pictures of myself on Facebook. And with a lack of pictures how will my friends know what I actually look like?

But the good news is that I have been victorious in this battle of wills (read; Facebook hacking) and now this picture is no longer on on her account.   Instead it has a  home here on my blog.   I have the only copy on the internet.   And I am actually the one who put it there.

So have fun guffawing over it. Copy it, paste it,  put text over it and send it to all of your friends, whatever. I'm setting this one free. Fly away pixels,  go back to where you belong.

I'll try to post something interesting in the next few days.  After all the only other option would be to do my homework.

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  1. Thanks a lot for talking about me with such love and kindness...